polymer and paper: layered impressions

Annie Stone (paper collage artist) and I are being featured in an exhibition and sale POLYMER AND PAPER: LAYERED IMPRESSIONS at SHOW OF HANDS, a gallery located at 1006 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA.  Come join us at the opening reception on Sunday, June 14, from 1 pm - 3 pm.

Show dates are June 13 through July 26.  Gallery hours: Monday (closed Tues.) thru Saturday Noon-6 pm, Sunday Noon-5 pm

Emily Squires Levine
"My passion is to create colorful vessels. Inspiration may
derive from Japanese Imari  porcelain,  Miro print or
recent travels to Cuba. I see colors and patterns, translating
them into vessels of varied sizes and shapes. My interpretations
are subtle, but provide the basis for my designs, color palettes
and use of positive and negative space."
Annie Stone
 "My work is informed by my sense of color, pattern and
shapes inspired by images of nature. I believe it is
important to maintain awareness of life by looking
beyond immediate impressions. Things are not always
 as they seem to be at first glance."