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what is polymer clay?

Polymer clay is a synthetic modeling clay, composed of PVC resin, plasticizer and color pigments, which remains soft until baked in a traditional oven at low temperatures. Pliable in its uncured state, polymer clay can be blended for endless permutations of color, tone and shade. Its uses are circumscribed solely by one’s imagination. Most commonly it is seen in jewelry, sculpture and veneers. Due to its flexibility and structural strength upon baking, new techniques and end uses for polymer clay are always in development by polymer clay artists and hobbyists around the world.

what is a cane?

Based on the Italian Millefiori glasswork technique, a cane is a polymer clay log whose design runs inside its entire length. Cutting a cross section anywhere along the log reveals the same design. The cane can be stretched or "reduced" without disturbing the integrity of the design inside.  Pieces of the cane can be cut, reduced and combined with other canes to form a cane more complex than the original.